Sunday, November 16, 2008

Readers Digest

Friday 31st October 2008
We have been out of the UK for less than a year and Readers Digest have found us, Ian received a letter from them today and guess what, he won a prize. Not only has he won a prize, but if he sends the Yes or No envelope back within 14 days he will be entered in a draw to win loads of cash, and probably a boat or two, and maybe even a car so that he has something with which to tow the boat or two.
We went to the auction today and bought a few bits and pieces, we did get one stainless steel bench at a reasonable price but it was fortunate that we did check the new prices on line last night, because some of the benches went for almost double what they would cost new.
Marisa had a hat stolen today while she and her class were in a swimming lesson, it was only an old cloth/denim thing but it’s the principle of it, this is the second one she has had stolen from school in the last couple of weeks. The school are worse than useless and don’t appear to take this sort of thing seriously, they didn’t do anything about it when it was reported and of course after the kids have gone home you’re not likely to see it again.
Busselton Show rolled into town today so we went there this evening after work to have a look round, we had a go on a few of the rides, looked around all the stalls and exhibits, didn’t buy any showbags, and had something to eat before settling down for the firework display.
We picked the perfect spot for the fireworks, fairly close and nothing to obstruct our view, unfortunately though the wind was blowing from behind the display straight over our heads and we got rained on with Ash, Rocket Sticks and Smoke. We stunk like a bonfire by the time we left to go home.

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Ganeida said...

I hate having kids clothes & stuff nicked. Worse, I hated having my kid arrive home in someone elses brand new, un~named shirt & all the hassle to track down it's proper owner. How do you manage to put on a shirt that is obviously not yours, even f it is the only one left? And why did the parents never care? Now homeschooled Ditz gets upset if someone so much as doesn't return a borrowed pencil but feels free to share her make~up kit with the girls who didn't bring their own to performances. Duh! That girl! I can't afford to spread foundation, lip gloss & mascara on 20 little girls