Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cowboys For a Day

Thursday 30th October 2008
Marisa and Kristian had a non uniform day today, for the price of a Dollar they could dress up as cowboys for the day.
One of the local Cafes that went bust a little while ago is having all its stuff sold at auction tomorrow, so we went to view what was there with a view to picking up a bargain for the Café.
Most of the equipment was in an absolutely disgusting state, even the cockroaches wouldn’t have been seen dead on it, they did however have some Stainless Steel Benches that would fit well in our kitchen plus a couple of small bits and pieces that would come in handy if the price was right.
We went online tonight to check out the new price of the bits that we want to go for, the idea is that we will not get lured into paying too much for it tomorrow.
In the evening we watched Miss Congeniality 2, it was amusing and easy to watch, we are too tired to watch movies you have to think about at the moment.


Ganeida said...

My girls like the miss Congeniality movies. I think they relate. lol. And I used to hate the non uniform days. There I was forking out good money for a uniform & all year the P&C was coming up with reasons for the kids [alias me!] for them to pay not to wear it! Funny sort of logic 'cause uniforms were compulsory.

Little Nut Tree said...

you're so prepared!! Checking out the price of the stuff beforehand - very clever!

I think I may dress up as a cowboy tomorrow...

ps my comment word thingy is ....