Sunday, November 16, 2008

A pub with no Beer

Saturday November 1st 2008
Carolyn and the kids went to surf school this morning while Ian was at work, the reason it was on a Saturday and not a Sunday as usual was because a lot of the surf rescue people are needed tomorrow to help out at a big event in Dunsborough.
In the afternoon Carolyn and the kids went to Busselton Show where Fraser, in Full Scout Uniform, led the parade of Prize Winning Livestock, Fraser was leading the Best in Show, holding up a sign which said just that just in case anyone was not sure.
We went to Stilts in the evening and they had run out of the beer that we normally drink, they talked us into buying a couple of XXXX instead, now we know what XXXX stands for and why they still had loads of that left and none of the decent stuff.
We left Stilts and walked further along the beach to Abbey Resort, that was quite pleasant and they had the beer we wanted but the place is massive and apart from a couple of people having a meal about a hundred yards away in the restaurant on the other side of the building, we were the only ones there and it was lonely.
We left there, came home and watched yet another Harry Potter Film, Order of the Phoenix.

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Ganeida said...

Hi guys. Link from here. Sorry but the old blog is having a serious meltdown & sending people to some really strange places that I do not think you want to go. I don't know yet if I can rescue anything from the old blog but I am up & blogging again ~ that was all I did yesterday! So much for having a day of rest but blogging is something I do for me & it's important for my sanity so...Don't dissappear on me.