Monday, November 17, 2008

Tides, Port Geographe

Sunday 2nd November 2008
No surf school for the kids today, so despite promising ourselves that we would get up early and watch the Anaconda Event in Dunsborough, we had a lie in.
We got out of bed at a reasonable hour, went to the market and had coffee on the seafront or foreshore or whatever it is they call it over here while the kids played in the park.
The weather has been pretty good today, after the kids had finished playing we went home, got our bikes out and rode to Port Geographe. The footbridge in Port Geographe that should have been finished in October appears to have had nothing done to it since the last time we rode there, it would have been a good shortcut to where we were going but unperturbed we cycled round the long way instead and found that the Pub was still open.
We hadn’t eaten before we started out so decided to have a meal at the pub which is called Tides, it is in a great position on the edge of the marina, the food was reasonably priced, good quality and plenty of it.
There weren’t many people at the pub either eating or drinking, we think it might have had something to do with the guv’nors son playing his Guitar Hero Game full blast on one of the TV’s in the bar, the few people who were eating must have been deaf, we certainly wouldn’t have sat through that racket and went outside to eat.
As we rode back we stopped at the Jetty for an Ice Cream which pleased the kids, this ride by the time we finished was close on 30 Kms so the kids did well to complete it.
When we got home we started doing some gardening, we should have started doing some a couple of months ago and it would have been easier by now.
While we were toiling away doing the weeding, Marisa and Kristian climbed onto the roof of the shed and picked a couple of tubs of Loquats, our tree is a tad on the large size and has got masses of fruit on it, way more than one family could possibly eat.
Loquats are a Plum shaped fruit, Yellow/Orange, apparently you are supposed to peel them, the Flesh is like that of a pear, they have three large pips and are very tasty. They are not something our kids have been brought up with, and while they all like them they will probably get overlooked in favour of Apples and
Bananas this year, by next year they should be used to them and be able to do the tree justice.
In the evening we had some Poached Smoked Cod Fillets for tea, it’s the first time we have had a piece of Cod since we left the UK and despite the fact that it was artificially smoked and you could taste it, it made a pleasant change.

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