Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Picture Rails

Friday 17th October 2008
The Handyman turned up this morning with the counter top and also put up our Picture Rails, we are going to give people the chance to show off their art work if they want.
We already have a load of paintings waiting to go up, mostly from Seniors who are looking at clearing out all their old paintings and hopefully making a few bob, but we hope to attract the Art Students in the town to show their works here and possibly sell them.
We had to make loads of Carrot Cakes at work today, we volunteered to help provide food for some students, who as part of their course work came to Busselton to help clear and tidy up the Scout Campsite where Frasers Scout Troop are based.
Fortunately the girls in the kitchen are experts in Carrot Cake so, not a drama, as we say over here.
Marisa and Kristian went to Freaky Friday at the swimming pool this evening, Fraser would have gone but had somehow managed to lose his trunks at Scout Camp so ended coming out for dinner with us.
We went to the Ship Resort in Busselton for dinner and it was quite good, the only down side was that none of the staff knew what the desserts consisted of.
But on the bright side, the bottle shop next door was doing a special deal on Strongbow Cider so Carolyn was able to stock up.


Marcus said...

Not sure how far back you've looked a
t my blog but just thought I'd let you know I paint! And I'm looking for places to hang some of my paintings!
The North London rivalry might have to be put aside in favour of a little business deal.
I presume Mr HoJo noticed Tottenham's victory over top of the table Liverpool!!

WV: insart I kid you not!

The HoJo's said...

I'm sure it registered on Mr Hojos footie radar ;o)
Unfortunately I am under strict instructions (from yourself) not to tell you which cafe we run, so when you have worked out where we are you must come in for a chat and show off your art, we aren't hard to find, next time you are on your way to drop off your library books come and see us

ps loving how everyone checks out their word verification now :o)