Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Panto Auditions

Thursday 16th October 2008
Fraser seems to be getting on really well at school, he is already on first name terms with more people than he was at his last school and genuinely seems more interested in the idea of learning.
The Handyman rang today to say that he had cracked the sheet of laminate that he had got for our counter so he wouldn’t be coming in this evening, he was hoping to get another sheet by Monday.
About 2 hours after that call he rang again to say that he had managed to get the laminate on an overnight delivery, so assuming he doesn’t break that one, he will be in to fit it tomorrow.
Marisa and Kristian were supposed to be going for auditions this afternoon to get parts in the Panto, Kristian thought better of it in the end so Carolyn went with Marisa. Although it had been announced that the auditions were taking place this afternoon, it turned out that all they wanted was names and numbers of those who wished to take part.
Marisa can relax for a couple of days now, she is desperate to get a part in this performance, we hope she does because it will be a great confidence boost for her as she has tended to shy away from the limelight in the past.

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