Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Saturday 18th October 2008
Carolyn went round some garage sales with the kids this morning but didn’t manage to get rid of them, so she dropped them off at the Cinema so that they could watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua on their own and spare us the agony of having to sit through it with them.
Would you believe that someone, an adult complained that Fraser laughed too much, now Fraser loves watching silly things happen on TV and in films and when he laughs he laughs out loud, this was Saturday morning pictures for gods sake, kids go to Saturday morning pictures and wherever kids are it gets noisy.
If the adult that complained about his laughing is reading this which we hope they are, get a life, find a sense of humour, and should you really be hanging round places frequented by children.
Unfortunately they probably won’t be reading this so my little dig will go unnoticed and they will probably still go to Saturday morning pictures and complain about the kids.
After dropping the kids off, Carolyn came to the Café and because it was quiet decided to go to the Auctions on the industrial area just in case there was anything worth bidding on.
Within ten minutes of her leaving the Café it was heaving, it was so busy we couldn’t even get to the phone to ask her to come back. That was at 11am, at 1.30pm we did get to through on the phone and she came back, after we hasten to add, picking up an old Number Plate for a car and a Sign which reads Tram Stops Here, which it is said was originally sighted in Nannup.
Ian wasn’t going to ask, but in the end he felt compelled to, and Carolyns reply was I wanted them so that I can hang them up in the Entertainment area (if we ever get round to building it), now who could argue that they were not a bargain with that sort of reasoning.
If they ever start the Trams up again in Nannup we might be able to make a profit out of it by flogging the sign back to the Tram Company, for a fair price you understand.
Carolyn helped clear up the Café before coming home and watering the garden.
In the evening we went to Stilts, the place was very busy as they had a School Reunion going on in the bar, we worked out that it was a twentieth anniversary bash although some of them looked like it could have been forty years, while some you would have said ten.
It was quite interesting watching the proceedings, there were a couple who worked the room making sure they had a chat with everyone, while others stayed in there own little groups and looked so comfortable with each other you could almost imagine the same little groups in school.
It was very noisy there with all those people in the bar upsetting our chill out time, so we didn’t stay too late and went home and watched Die Hard 4, the one where he is as bald as a coot.

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Ganeida said...

Don't you just love Murphy's Law? It always happens. Heaps of staff? Slow as. No staff, run off your feet.