Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Fish called Wanda

Sunday 19th October 2008
We were up and out by ten this morning which is about the norm for a Sunday, every week we say we are going to get up and out early and most weeks we fail abysmally, saying that, we do get up and out early every other day of the week so we deserve a lie in.
We went to the market on the foreshore at Yoganup (a park by Busselton Jetty) and picked up some fruit and veg, the kids played in the park as usual, wandering round markets does absolutely nothing for them.
We then went for our usual Sunday morning Coffee overlooking the beach and found that the beach was overrun with kids in swimsuits and brightly coloured caps, it turned out that the Busselton Surf Life Saving Club had started its training schools this week.
This is the sort of thing we want the kids to get involved in so Ian asked one of the helpers how it was that we didn’t know anything about it, apparently it had been mentioned in a sentence in one of the newspapers about six weeks earlier and another ad that should have appeared in the papers failed to appear for some unknown reason.
A newsletter had been sent out to every Primary School in the area so that it could be handed out to the kids, but for some reason the kids at West Busselton or maybe it was only our three failed to get them so we knew nothing about it.
We had a chat with the helpers there about how to join and they said there would be no problem with signing up next week if we wanted to get the kids involved, so when we picked the kids up and told them about it they were definitely up for it.
The training starts at 9.30am on a Sunday morning so that will stop us from sleeping in anymore and parents have to be present at all times, if we have got to watch over the kids you never know we might even meet up with some other parents and develop a social life.
It was hot today, summer is here at last, so after picking the kids up from the park we dropped off the fruit and veg then headed for Dunsborough in the hunt for Swimming Shorts (Boardies) for Fraser.
Having found some we then headed to Canal Rocks for a bit of climbing and paddling, when we went there last time we weren’t wearing the right attire for walking through water to get to another pile of rocks so we told the kids we would do it again another day in the right attire.
Today was that day and it was gorgeous, climbing over rocks, paddling in the sea and soaking hot feet in rock pools. It was very hot and fortunately we had put on sunscreen and were wearing shirts, otherwise we would have fried.
On the way back from Canal Rocks we stopped at a couple of Galleries, one an Art Gallery and the other a Jewellery Gallery. The Art Gallery had some beautiful pieces but all at beautiful prices, aimed at the tourists we think, we had a cup of coffee in the grounds after which went down quite well.
The jewellery Gallery was also aimed at the tourists we think, it was mainly Silver, very ornate, but at above very ornate Gold prices, we looked and left.
On the way back the kids were asking to go to Meelup Beach, so as it was hot and pretty much on the way home we stopped there for an hour. The water was lovely and warm, there was a yacht parked about a hundred metres off the beach and the setting was positively idyllic, we had a Coca Cola Garden Umbrella in the car which Carolyn sat under while Ian and the kids played in the water.
This is the life, if it stays like this until next May it will have been worth putting up with all the rain over the last few months.
When we got home the kids had a shower and an early night, we watched A Fish Called Wanda and whilst it was funny it was a bit dated and we definitely did the right thing by not letting the kids watch it a couple of weeks ago.

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