Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wild Hogs

Monday 20th October 2008
Elena came back to work at the Café today after being away for three months, she went to Italy to see family and then on to France for a few weeks to learn the language.
We received an invite to see the world Premiere (that’s the World of Busselton Premiere) of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, it is all part of an attempt by the people who sell advertising space at Cinemas to attract more business, Carolyn wants to go so we will probably be there and dump the kids with Fliss for the evening.
Marisas Cub pack is a bit short staffed at the moment and parents are having to take it in turns to help out, Carolyn put in for the first one so that she could get it out of the way so tonight was her night and she loved it, she did have a blinding headache at the end of it but you would expect that surrounded by hundreds of noisy, smelly kids.
When she got home we put the kids to bed then watched Wild Hogs, with John Travolta and a couple of other famous people, it was good entertainment.

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