Monday, November 24, 2008

Garage Sales

Saturday 15th November 2008
We were so busy in the Café this morning that Carolyn only managed to get round two garage sales before she was called in to work, it didn’t please her missing out on her round of garage sales but it probably saved us a few bob.
We went to Stilts in the evening and had an early night.


Anonymous said...

Is holding garage sales a hobby out there ? You seem to be able to go to them every week. Or are they really part time dealers ? I suppose we just hoard our stuff up and hope it will come in useful.

Marcus said...

I did the full circuit of garage sales on the weekend but didn't find much to part me from my money.
I hunt for badges and toy planes.

WV a real lux

The HoJo's said...

Instead of paying to take a car load to a car boot sale everyone just advertises a garage sale either on cardboard boxes by the roadside or in the papers, a lot of it has come straight from the Auction house, a huge amount of it is collectors trying to make a buck, mstly I buy nothing, I also try and persuade the children to wait outside to avoid the endless, oh pleeeease I neeeeed that revolting shiny cowboy hat/collection of cars etc :o)

I don't think I have seen any planes since I started wandering around the sales, although I am mostly hoping to find some furniture as we still have no dining table and chairs or sideboard, but I'm waiting for the right thing to find me... just as well we can hace Christmas Dinner outside this year!

These wv's are funny