Sunday, November 23, 2008

Number 16

Friday 14th November 2008
It was a busy day at the Café today, just when we thought that last week was a false dawn, the punters come out to play again.
We are coming to the conclusion that it is impossible to work out a trading pattern in Busselton, they just seem to come and go whenever they feel like it.
Fraser went on his trip to Bunbury with the Scouts tonight, they met up with the Sea Scouts up there and went out on boats surprisingly enough, Fraser only had to be towed back in once as far as we know and managed to leave his wet shoes up there. His mum is not impressed, he manages to leave something behind every time he goes on an outing, it’s like he wants to leave them a memento of his visit wherever he goes.
Marisa and Kristian went to Freaky Friday, we went to the Thai Restaurant again, Carolyn enjoyed her meal but Ian thought that his number 26 was not as good as number 16 last week.
When we left the Thai Restaurant we had an Ice Cream at Gelato before going to pick the kids up, after getting them home we watched Bambi which was great, I use the word we very loosely, Carolyn managed to sleep through it but the rest of us enjoyed it.

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