Sunday, November 23, 2008

Drama Queen

Thursday 13th November 2008
First thing this morning Carolyn took Marisa and Kristian to Cornerstone School so that they could have a look round and get a feel for the place, they loved it and are both really looking forward to the move now.
The Café has not been as busy as we expected this week, after last week we thought that the summer trade had started to arrive, but we are back to normal at the moment.
This evening Marisa had rehearsals for the Panto and came back full of herself because she was the loudest speaker and first to start singing, she is really getting into this acting lark, but then she has always been a bit of a drama queen, just like her mother.

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Ganeida said...

Uh~hum, it all starts so innocently...a local play here, something else there. Then it's drama classes & before you know it, voila! You have a Ditz on your hands. :D