Monday, November 24, 2008


Sunday 16th November 2008
It was up early as usual for the market this morning, now that the warmer weather is coming along there are a lot more stalls, although there are fewer fruit and veg stalls. There were some really cute puppies for sale but we managed to restrain ourselves, walking away quickly to avoid temptation.
At Surf School today we bought our Club Shirts, they are a bit like long sleeve Rugby shirts only a bit thinner, we wore ours while the kids were training and they certainly keep the heat off and protect the arms and about half the price you would pay for the same thing in the UK.
After training we had a sausage sizzle before going home and starting work on the garden, Ian started removing all the weeds down one side of the house while Carolyn pulled a wooden playhouse (Cubby) apart.
While Carolyn was knocking the playhouse apart she managed to put a lump of wood through the Fly Screen that fits over Frasers window, fortunately our next door neighbour had a piece that we can use to patch it up, if we ever get round to it.
Ian managed to do a fair amount of digging and weeding without breaking anything before the sun got the better of him and he decided it was time for a swim, we went to Meelup again only the water was colder this week than last.
Nevertheless we had a good swim and got the kids to practice their Dolphin Dives and their swimming strokes, both of which they are struggling with after not having swimming lessons for over a year.
After our swim we drove into Dunsborough and stopped off at a place called Switch, it is a Charcoal Chicken sort of place, it is designed as a Take Away but they have a couple of tables there so we ate in.
It was very good and reasonably priced, they had loads of different fresh salads as well as the chicken and chips, if the truth be known the chicken was probably the worst part of the meal, but the salads and chips were really good, in fact we would probably go back just for the salads.
After we got the kids to bed we watched an hour long episode of Only Fools and Horses, it was the one where they are declared Bankrupt, it is a bit dated now but the humour is still great.

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