Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Goat

Monday 17th November 2008
Marisa was off school sick today so Carolyn had to stay home with her, Carolyn didn’t skive all day though, she did take the remnants of the playhouse that she was pulling apart yesterday round to the front of the house so that Crocodile Keith can take it to the tip for us.
The Café staff are getting dopier by the day and Ian has decided to make a note of all their minor gaffs and put them on the blog, he has told them he is going to do it so hopefully they will start thinking before opening their mouth, we don’t hold out much hope but you never know.
Quote of the day:
Ian was discussing Milk allergies and intolerances with staff in the kitchen, he pointed out that a lot of people that are intolerant of Cows milk can actually drink Sheep or Goats milk without any problems.
Simone who had been in on the discussion, in her loudest most sarcastic voice said “where would you get Goats Milk from?”
Ians reply: A Goat?
Simone will be leaving us to go to university in the New Year and guess what she is studying?
Answer: Zoology.
Now Simone has informed us on more than one occasion that she is an intellect, but we feel that this future world leader and Zoologist extraordinaire should possibly do an Access Course so that she’s sure in her own head, what she is letting herself in for.

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Ganeida said...

lol. ROFL. Still reading; the nicest part of my day at the moment.