Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Eyed Girls

Tuesday 18th November 2008
Marisa was feeling better today so she was able to go back to school, we also received confirmation from Cornerstone that she and Kristian have both got places for next term.
Ian was working with Michelle near closing time today and noticed she had got a Black Eye, only it was more of a Yellow Eye really, apparently she was walking home on Saturday night when a girl she doesn’t like hit her. She didn’t say whether she liked the girl before she got hit or not but we can understand why she doesn’t like her now.
So to all you girls out there, the moral of the story is, if you’re going to go out Drinking and Fighting on a Saturday Night, make sure you wear plenty of foundation at work and don’t forget to top it up in your lunch break, or the boss will find out.
Ian didn’t become the boss by not recognising a black eye when he sees one you know.
Carolyn made a Mexican type wrap thing for tea but we can’t remember what they’re called, whatever it was it was very nice.
Fraser went to Scouts and we found out that it is next weekend and not the one after that he is going on camp, that doesn’t give Carolyn very much time to drum into him that if he leaves anything else behind when he is on camp she will throttle him.


The HoJo's said...

To those of you who were thinking of phoning childline, Mrs Hojo would like to point out she hasn't throttled Fraser (yet) and he did manage to bring everything home, for the first time EVER.
See, a little threat goes a long way.......

Marcus said...

Well done Fraser, avoided a throttling.

WV: AIR SON, seriously!