Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stainless Steel

Wednesday 19th November 2008
The Café was fairly quiet today and we had a full compliment of staff so we decided that this was the time that we would finally make a decision on what we needed to refurbish the Café kitchen, we have been unable to sit down and do this for weeks now because we either weren’t in the same place, couldn’t find a supplier for the equipment or couldn’t find someone to fit it.
Today we had everything, we were in the same place at the same time, we had already ordered the cooking equipment and had found someone to fit it and we have two suppliers who want to supply us with Stainless Steel benches.
One of the suppliers is more expensive than the other but has the exact sizes we want, the other has the sizes that are not quite exactly what we want but close and is about half the price.
We spent ages drawing plans of the kitchen and trying to fit everything we wanted into place, in the end we had to order from both suppliers to ensure we got the maximum out of it.
All we have to do now is hope that our plans were accurate or we will be starting up a second hand stainless steel shop, if it does all fit we might take it up professionally in a future life.

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