Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Work, Work, Work

Tuesday 30th September 2008
It was a busy day in the Café today, unfortunately the Take Away area is still not ready to be opened, but we are getting closer which will please the Bank Manager.
We sat up working fairly late tonight putting together some Price Lists for the Take Away, just as we were about to finish up and go to bed, at past our usual bed time we must add, Ians dad Skyped him.
It is always good to hear from him and Ian and his dad were chatting for almost an hour, after that we fell into bed exhausted and looking forward to getting up and doing it all again in seven hours time.

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Ganeida said...

I always find it fascinating that anyone would *want* to go into the food industry. I mean I don't mind eating, preferably if I've had nothing to do with the preparation, but preparing it's for the birds [or mad englishmen?] ;) Someone should warn you to stay away from places like Dominos. The food's lethal...but then I'd rather have a kebab any day & a bad one of those defies description. Now Liddy, there's nothing Liddy likes better than a greasy piece of pizza! eeeew! And there's people round think that child's anorexic! Hardly.