Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Fish called Wanda

Wednesday 1st October 2008
We opened the Take Away area today, it was a bit chaotic, the staff didn’t know where everything was, we didn’t know where everything was and we muddled through to a certain extent.
Carolyn got up early to laminate the Price Lists and brought them in for 9am ready for the opening and then stayed until 3pm, the Take Away area wasn’t massively busy, but then we hadn’t advertised it because we didn’t know until now when it would eventually be open and what facilities we would be able to provide.
As it was, it was a reasonable first day and definitely something to build on, we are still waiting for the Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine and the Popcorn Machine and we are still waiting for our new counter to put it all on and display it in all its glory.
In the evening we had a nice healthy salad for tea and settled down to watch a film with the kids, we haven’t seen A Fish Called Wanda in a long time and couldn’t remember anything in it that would be unsuitable for the kids, so we sat down to watch that.
When it got to the point where Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline were about to get amorous shall we say, the memories of what happens next suddenly came flooding back and the film was quickly switched off and we all enjoyed City Slickers instead.

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Ganeida said...

I had this happen with *My life as a Dog*. I nearly died & the kids were totally riveted. It went off fast. Gotta wonder why it was advertised as a kiddie's flick.