Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Queens Birthday

Monday 29th September 2008
Today is the Queens Birthday, we aren’t sure if she knows it because if she did it would have been pretty unsporting of her not to let us know that she had more than two birthdays while we were still living in the UK. Perhaps that as well as the two birthdays she has in the UK she tells each one of the Commonwealth countries a different date, that way she can have one or two birthdays a month which would be quite nice, she wouldn’t have to open all her presents on the same day which could be quite tiring, and it would give her a chance to play with all her new toys before deciding which ones she liked best and which she could hand down to the kids.
Today is a Bank Holiday and we had the day off, NOT!

We dossed around in the morning, getting over the long day yesterday before going in to work for the afternoon. We went in to build our Hot Dog and Donut machines ready for work tomorrow, between putting them together and trying to find room to keep all the stock and packaging we ended up spending from 12 noon to 5.30pm there and were knackered by the end of it.
All the time we were there the kids were great, they started playing games on the laptop and ended up going to the park for a couple of hours.
In the evening we had Dominoes Pizza which was average, not only was it average but we had to pay a surcharge for the pleasure because it is a Bank Holiday, the Dominoes Pizza shop wasn’t very busy today.
At Dominoes in Busselton and possibly all over Australia as far as we know, they only do one size of Pizza, they call it a large one, but in the UK you would call it a pizza for a healthy appetite or two people at most. They don’t have the great big family size ones that make a Pizza Take Away a cheap family meal and the Garlic Bread is Dire, the first bit of Garlic Bread without Garlic was a Freebie which we got for buying three only one size pizzas, along with a bottle of coke, not too big mind.
The second bit of Garlic Bread we paid extra for and it came with Cheese, unfortunately it also came straight out of the Microwave and was a tad soggy, the Dominoes Pizza shop wasn’t very busy today.
We think we will give this one up as a bad job for the time being.

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