Sunday, October 26, 2008

School Shoes

Tuesday 7th October 2008
Carolyn is still feeling rough and was hoping to be promoted to quintuple pneumonia, alas she got too much sleep last night so we have to assume she is on the mend.
Carolyn and the kids came into town this afternoon to get new school shoes, while the youngest two can were whatever they want at their school, at Cornerstone, Frasers new school, they do have a strict Uniform policy and Black Shoes are part of it.
This week looks like it is not going to be as busy in the CafĂ© as last week, last week had a Bank Holiday in it when we didn’t work and still had a pretty good week. Apparently the way it works is that all the tourists go on holiday for one week at this time of the year because they only have to use up four days of their holiday entitlement to get a weeks holiday.


Marcus said...

You confused me with the dates above your posts until I took a closer look. I thought you'd found a way to rearrange the order things appear in on the blog.
My two boys go to Cornerstone as well! I suspect our paths are going to cross shortly.
I need to do some snooping around and work out which cafe you're in. Don't tell me, I want to work it out for myself!! I am a bit perturbed though. Closer examination of Mr HoJo's picture suggests you are a Gooners fan! As a life long Tottenham fan, and especially in light of what a shocking season they are having, this might hinder any future friendship!!!!!
Hopefully Harry Redknap can work some magic!!

Little Nut Tree said...

Bank holidays suck for me at work - we lose loads of temp revenue that way... irritating!

The HoJo's said...

Oh yes, born and bred Gooner is Mr Hojo he was most pleased to be able to go to the new Emirates Stadium a few times before we left the UK, I'm sure he will tell you all about it sometime Marcus ;o) and no we are not clever with blogger, just tardy by two weeks!

Over here most food places charge a premium for Bank Holidays, 10% generally as the wage costs are huge. Having worked every bank holiday/weekend/Christmas/Birthday/you get the idea, since I was 19 I reckon I deserve a day or two off!