Monday, October 27, 2008

Gravy Granules

Wednesday 8th October 2008
Carolyn is still feeling poorly, but the weather is good so she took the kids to the beach so that they could all get a bit of fresh air.
While the kids played in the sand building sandcastles, Carolyn relaxed on one of our Strongbow branded picnic blankets and read a book.
They went home for a couple of hours at lunchtime to get out of the sun and grab a bite to eat, then went back to the beach in the afternoon.
Unfortunately the kids had decided that they didn’t like each other anymore by the time they got to the beach for a second time, so with Carolyn feeling poorly and running on a very short fuse, they came home again very quickly.
Carolyn made Stew for our evening meal and forgot to cook any potatoes, it wasn’t bad but it is almost impossible to get decent, meaty, thick gravy over here unless you go back to basics.
We’re afraid to say that we don’t do basics, if God had wanted us to cook gravy from basics he wouldn’t have made a man that was going to invent Gravy Granules.
All we need now is for God to make a man that is going to think, wouldn’t it be a good idea to send some really good, thick, tasty, Gravy Granules to Australia, specially the bit in the South West, or more specifically Busselton.


Lost in Cov said...

The whole gravy granules problem is an international issue. We had to take emergency rations to our poor friend in Portugal last year as she couldn't find any. I was thinking ahead today and wondering what you'd all like for Christmas - gravy granules all round, I think!!

Ganeida said...

I want someone to invent a pill so that I never ever have to cook again!!! I hate cooking. Don't mind eating so long as I can do something else at the same time [like read] but getting food onto the plate is such a time consuming waste of one end, out the other, you know.

Um, haven't you heard? The stats are now showing something like 85% of the next generation don't know how to cook from scratch. Not my lot. Because it's one chore I really hate they all learned to cook early in the name of sheer survival! :D