Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quadruple Pneumonia

Monday 6th October 2008
Carolyn spent most of the night sneezing, snotting and coughing and is convinced she has quadruple pneumonia, the rest of us think that it is just an attempt to go one better than Ians triple pneumonia a couple of months ago.
Carolyn had to come to the Café this morning to drop some bits and pieces off, then went straight home again to try and sleep it off.
Fortunately the kids are on half term holidays at the moment and are fairly well self sufficient around the house, they even made their own lunch so that Carolyn could rest.
The aussies dollar has taken an unexpected dive against the UK pound today due the current world economic climate going pear shape, this is the highest rate it has been for over a year and nobody seems to be able to tell us whether they expect the rate to keep heading in our favour, so we seized the moment and booked our currency for the last bit of savings we had in the UK now that all our business paperwork is up to date.
In theory Inland Revenue or whatever they are called now should have no more need to contact us, ever, if we get our way. That’s not to say they are any better over here, it’s just that trying to deal with two sets of money grabbers 12,000 miles apart is a daunting prospect.

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