Thursday, October 2, 2008

Personalised Plates

Monday 22nd September 2008
Carolyn got her new Personalised Number plates today and she is over the moon with them, she still hadn’t received confirmation that they were ready to be picked up, but one of the Post Office staff came in for lunch and just happened to mention that they had arrived.
Within about two minutes of Carolyn hearing that they had arrived, her and Fliss had removed the old plates off the car and were on there way to the Post Office to swap them for the new ones.
Guess what? Despite the old plates and the new plates both being official Government made plates, only one had the screw holes in the right place, with the rear plate the holes were in different place. Carolyn was going to have to find someone to drill a couple of holes either in the car or the plate.
Fortunately Ians car needs a bit of work doing and he hadn’t got round to booking it into the garage, so Carolyn drove to the garage, booked his car in and said “while I’m here I don’t suppose you’ve got someone who can put the number plate on for me”, quick flutter of the eyelashes, Number Plate on and Ians car booked in for tomorrow.
After work Ian was a bit stressed out and needed some fresh air, so he took Kristian and Fraser for a bike ride to the Jetty and back while Marisa went to Cubs, it’s only about 10km round trip but it clears the head and they did stop for an Ice Cream at the Jetty.

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