Thursday, October 2, 2008

Puppy Pre-School

Tuesday 23rd September 2008
Ians car went into the garage this morning and came back a couple of hours later fully repaired, when Ian asked about the bill they said that it was under warranty, we don’t know how but we’re not going to mention it.
It was a fairly average day at the cafĂ© today, it is almost like you are waiting for the new season to start, it is a bit like spring in the UK, you are getting ready for work in the morning and you can’t decide whether to put on your thermals or a T shirt because you haven’t got a clue how the day will pan out.
The highlight of the kitchen gossip today was Puppy Pre-School, Rodelle has just got a puppy and it goes to Puppy Pre-School. Simone meanwhile has a Dog that goes to dog training classes, but Simone’s dog did once upon a time go to Puppy Pre-School so the banter about Puppy Pre-School must have gone on for the best part of the morning.
Try as he might Ian cannot get his head round Puppy Pre-School, Dog Training yes, and Dog Training with young dogs yes, but take a Puppy to Puppy Pre-School so that when it is big it might aspire to go to Dog Training Classes is just another way of some cunning dog trainer lining his pockets.
Ian is now working on a get rich quick scheme whereby any dog that has been through Puppy Pre-School and Dog Training can come to a lot of his seminars (chase balls around for an hour, that sort of thing) for a fee, and when it dies or the owner runs out of money which ever comes first, he will award it a PHD, Puppy Higher Degree
Carolyn had to go to the kids new school today to hand in the last of Kristians forms, so that we can be sure that he has a place for next year as the class is filling up.
Fraser had to go to Scouts early tonight so that he could help dig a trench which they are going to light a fire in, it is one of the tasks that he has to perform to get his Arsonists badge.
While Fraser was at Scouts the rest of us went for a bike ride to the Jetty and back, stopping for the obligatory Ice Cream en route.


Ganeida said...

Now that is definitely odd. I had to check I was on the right blog...but then we own cats &they wouldn't dream of being involved in something like that.

The HoJo's said...

Cats are far superior, who ever heard of kitten kindy after all?