Thursday, October 2, 2008


Sunday 21st September 2008
The weather has been quite bad recently with lots of rain (no surprise there), but we went down to the market on the foreshore anyway, just in case there was anything worth having. As it turned out, there weren’t many stalls but those that were there were selling fruit and veg at very reasonable prices and for some reason there were about three times as many fruit and veg stalls as normal.
After we had been to the market we went for our usual cup of coffee overlooking the water by the Jetty, the kids played in the park and didn’t get bored for a change. They have had some new equipment put into the park, so the kids had to make up a completely new set of games which incorporate the new equipment.
Busselton has now got a Farmers market, it only started this week and we didn’t find out about it until two days ago so after coffee we thought we’d have a look round, see if we could spot a bargain. We bought a few bits and pieces to cover the next couple of days dinners and we found two bargains, a humungous Pineapple for less than $5 and a tray of Avocadoes which we will use at the CafĂ©, for about half the price we would normally pay.
We went for a walk along the beach at Dunsborough this afternoon, we walked from what we suppose must be new Dunsborough along a lovely beach and over rocks to Old Dunsborough, it was windy and quite cold but a lovely walk all the same.
Because we were all a bit chilled and the kids had not whinged too much on the walk, we took them to Simmo’s for an Ice Cream. We ate our Ice Creams and the kids went off to play while we drank coffee, it was cold sitting out there so it wasn’t long though before we gave up and went home.
When we got home Carolyn sat down with the kids and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang while Ian made a casserole to warm us up.

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