Monday, September 15, 2008

Return of the King

Saturday 13th September 2008
It was very quiet in the Cafe today, the quietest it has been since we have been there, fortunately we weren’t the only ones to feel it as it was mentioned by a couple of other traders in the centre.
As it was quiet, Fliss took it upon herself to terrorise the new girls by getting them to clean the walls and shelves, in fact anywhere that Fliss could think might be dirty she got them to clean it. It was quite funny to watch because they obviously don’t do much cleaning at home, one of them got on with it no problem but the other two had a good whinge before realising that it would do them no good.
After work we went for a walk along the beach to Stilts, we stayed there for a couple of hours before coming home and watching the last Lord of the Rings film, Return of the King. Now we can put those three away for another six months, or until the kids want to watch them again.
While we were at Stilts the unthinkable happened, they ran out of Ians favourite beer. He drinks Hahn Premium Light normally which is very weak at 2.9% and means that he can drink lots of it without falling over, Ian did try the next weakest one which he said was tasteless so ended up drinking Heineken Export at 5% for his last couple of pints which did him no favours at all, but he did sleep well.


Anonymous said...

so much fun having young eager kiddies to do the jobs i dont want to do. xfliss

Elena said...

so you guys dont like Stilts very much hey?? they should have proposed you a regular customer deal by now :p
how many new girls are there in total?? and how many usually work during a weekday?
glad your expanding the business :)

The HoJo's said...

Just 3 newbies, all on a Saturday as they are at school still...