Friday, September 12, 2008

Bhaji to Busselton

Friday 12th September 2008
Last night we stayed up later than expected discussing Marisas problems at school, this had the knock on effect of making sure that we felt even more knackered than normal when we got up this morning. Still, the weather forecast for the weekend is pretty crap, a bit like an English summer really, so hopefully we will be able to catch up on a bit of sleep then.
The changeable weather caught us out a bit today, we were inundated with orders for Sausages or Pie and Mash all morning and ran out of Mash before lunchtime had really got underway. The gas pressure in the Café is worse than useless, it would take about a week to cook up a pan of Mash and Carolyn was helping out at school, so we had to do without. Let them eat Cake we said, but most of them preferred toasted sandwiches so we let them eat those instead.
The weather has turned a bit cold again, not the still cold air sort of cold, it is more the when the wind blows it’ll be cold cold, and the wind is blowing, not only is it blowing it is blowing drizzle as well which makes it feel even more uncomfortable. Never mind, soon be Christmas and we’ll be having a Barbie by the pool washed down with a few Stubbies of the Amber Nectar, hopefully.
Carolyn made Lemon Marmalade and Lemon Butter again this morning, we’ll wait until we find a guinea pig to taste it before we decide whether to publish the results or not. Obviously the people at the shopping centre are confident of Carolyns ability in all things Lemon, one of the girls that works in the Newsagent next door to the Café brought in a big bag of Lemons for her make something with.
Carolyn went into school to help out with cooking class again today, only this time the normal classwork had fallen behind due to other school activities and the teacher wanted to catch up so they didn’t do any cooking. Instead Carolyn helped the teacher by helping children put their work onto a computer and printing it off, she loves doing that sort of work and would probably love to do the job full time if it wasn’t for having to put up with the Government, the Education Authority and the Horrible Kids all the time.
If ever they get really short of teachers and a compromise could be reached whereby the Government and the Education Authority kept their noses out of it, and she only got the nice kids in her class, she could be tempted.
Carolyn spoke to the Planning people at the Shire this afternoon and it would appear that we may be able to put a swimming Pool under the Covered Patio, giving us protection from the sun, protection from the winter and allow us to still have a half decent sized garden. All we need now is the money.
The kids went to the swimming pool for Freaky Friday this evening, this time Fraser and Kristian went along with Marisa. It is supposed to be for over tens and Kristian is only eight, but he wasn’t the youngest there so they obviously don’t enforce the rules.
Marisa has sussed out that if she helps out with tidying up at the end she will get some sweets, so she ended up with a bar of chocolate and Fraser won the Draw that they do and won a carton of apple juice and a bar of chocolate. Kristian wasn’t happy, we don’t know which one he was but he wasn’t happy, we let him have a bar of chocolate when he got home, and he still wasn’t happy, his bar wasn’t as big as the other two.
We now have a Curry House in town, Goa Curry opened last week and Ian popped in there tonight to pick up a menu on the way home from work. The take away is run by a totally white staff which doesn’t normally bode well for an Indian Take Away, it has been very professionally kitted out by people who had the money and business acumen and knowledge of how to make an impact.
We don’t know if they cook the food themselves or buy it in and just reheat it, this business looks like it has been set up with future Franchises in mind and if the food tastes good who’s going to worry, after all it’s the only one in town.
It is a very limited menu with only eight Curries and everything served from a Bain Marie, we generally only order food that is cooked to order so we may have to get our timing right when we want to eat from there, or have just fallen out of the pub.
We have found over the years that if the snacky bits are good then the rest of the food is generally good, so Ian bought a couple of Onion Bhaji’s and a Samosa, they were obviously home made and tasted pretty good so we will be trying the main courses next time.


Glowstars said...

When we were in Brasil the Indian takeout was the one that I really missed. Most people over there have never heard of curry!
Have you thought of getting a monster-sized pressure cooker to cook your potatoes in?

The HoJo's said...

*smacks head* nope didn't think of that, I've not used a pressure cooker...

Ganeida said...

(sniggers because pressure cookers are great!)

If I want curry I have to island hop to my Sri Lankan friend who cooks like a native because...well, she is one! lol. She does a lovely curry for me that is spicey but not too hot. I do not do hot.