Thursday, September 11, 2008

We don't do early

Thursday 11th September 2008
Ian had to get up early this morning to see in a delivery at the Café, we don’t really do mornings very well in this house and after four months had just got used to him leaving the house at 7.15am. Today he had to be out by 6.45am, only half an hour earlier you might say, but to find an extra half an hour in what appears to be a constantly busy schedule takes some doing, inevitably the problem was solved by sleeping half an hour less than usual.
Once Ian had seen in his delivery, passed pleasantries with the other shop keepers and got the Café up and running, it was time for him to continue re-jiggling the Fridge Displays. So tired, slightly grumpy and not really in the mood for it, Ian started organising a drinks fridge, when a Plastic bottle of Coke fell off a shelf and on the way down managed to pierce itself on the only sharp bit on the entire fridge, before falling to the floor with the hole in the bottle pointing straight at Ian. Needless to say, the Coke bottle fired out it’s brown sugary liquid all over Ians legs for what seemed like an eternity, he would have moved out of the way but as the bottle was falling it knocked over a couple of other bottles and he was desperately clinging on to those to stop them doing the same thing.
When the bottle had stopped gushing, Ian had a look round to inspect the damage, not expecting to find much because it felt like he was wearing most of it, only to find that it was up the wall closest to the fridge and had managed to cover about half the Tables, Chairs and Floor in the Café. He spent the next half hour cleaning up the mess, which didn’t improve his mood one iota.
Carolyn took Fraser to his new School to pick up his uniform for when he starts there next month, the School are going to make arrangements for Marisa and Kristian to have a look round early next term.
After dropping Fraser back at school, Carolyn stayed in all morning waiting for another swimming pool salesman to come round, only to find out about 45 minutes after he was due that he thought he was booked in for tomorrow morning instead. He did turn up this afternoon and Carolyn made him wait because she had been held up at school while picking the kids up.
Marisa is having a hard time of it at school at the moment, the girl that wants to be her only friend is now making her life a misery and Marisa is too nice to tell her exactly what she thinks of her. It appears that this is not the first time that this has happened and that this girl latches on to new starters and expects 100% loyalty from them, making their lives a misery when they don’t. It is now getting serious and badly affecting her school work, so the school are going to attempt to deal with it once and for all.
After work we all went out for a walk along the beach for about an hour before coming home for dinner, if we carry on with all this walking every night if we could be in danger of being fit by summer, you never know Ian might even fit into a Mankini on the beach.


Ganeida said...

Oh! I can't tell you how much what is being done to Marisa makes me see red! Girls can be so much crueler than boys & the trouble we had with Liddy because the boys adored her (for being better at sport than they were ~ nothing silly), especially when she started getting chosen for rep teams. Silly chooks. I hope the school does deal with it. None of ours did & it was only when we finally brought Liddy home to school that she really blossomed. Hopefully the new school will be better.

The HoJo's said...

Thank you :o) most of the staff seem to be rallying round, I think we need to break a cycle of feeling hard done by to really bite this one off! Poor little thing is feeling very sorry for herself after the year she, well we have all had. But yes, new school, fresh start, fingers crossed.