Monday, September 15, 2008

Busselton Take Away

Sunday 14th September 2008
Ian had to get up early this morning, our handyman came to the Café this morning to build a storage unit and the Back Counter in the Take Away area. He was there until 2.30pm so that pretty much mucked the day up as far as going out to do family things was concerned.
Carolyn and the kids did the Market thing with the kids this morning, but they didn’t hang around because the weather was a bit grim today with strong winds and rain. They did go to Bunnings later to get some cupboard door locks for the Handyman, but when they asked the staff for the particular locks they didn’t have a clue as to what it was they wanted. The Handyman decided he would do it himself, so Carolyn and the kids had a Sausage Sizzle instead.
They didn’t bother to bring one back for Ian though, it’s no wonder he’s wasting away.
After Ian finished at the Café we all went down to the Foreshore, the idea being that the kids could play on the beach with their new buckets and spades while we would have a bite to eat.
At the time in question, it was Sunny, when the Sun was out it was positively Hot and Sunny, it was windy admittedly but there were loads of people walking along the Foreshore and the Jetty out for a pleasant afternoon stroll. Some might even have been hungry like we were (can you see where we’re heading), 2.30-2.45pm is surely not an unreasonable time of day to be looking for something to eat. Well on the Busselton Foreshore, it obviously is.
There are three Food establishments virtually opposite the Jetty in Busselton, one admittedly is a restaurant and not the sort of place we would go looking for a Take Away Toasted Sandwich or Bag of Chips. The other two however have designated Take Away areas, the Nautical Lady is almost all Take Away trade and is the place where we normally grab a bowl of Nachos, today they had put away the chopping boards so were unable to make us Nachos or a Toasted Sandwich or anything else that we may have been interested in.
The next one is the Equinox, a restaurant type place but fitted out with a big Take Away area which was closed. We went into the restaurant to see if we could get a Sandwich or some Chips to take away from there and they weren’t cooking. We eventually had to settle for a cup of coffee which took 20 minutes to make.
The people who run these businesses have been whinging like billy’o lately because the Shire is looking at selling the land on the Foreshore so that it can be developed, the sooner it happens the better. The owners of these businesses are doing nothing to attract people to the town by their attitude to customer needs, the sooner they get a bit of competition the sooner they might get their arses into gear, or alternatively go under because of their lack of customer care, thereby giving someone who does care a chance.
The owners of these businesses are the ones that are making sure that McDonalds and the like remain busy.

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