Monday, September 15, 2008

Busselton Repertory Club

Monday 15th September 2008
It was a fairly busy day today at the Café, Ian decided that he was going to be on the front counter for a change and left the girls to cope in the kitchen. They were lucky today, it was Coffee and sandwiches all day with very little cooking so he is going to do it again tomorrow.
Jade didn’t come in to work today, she is leaving at the end of the week anyway but has been sick in the morning quite often lately, Ian reckons she’s up the duff.
Carolyn came in mid morning and helped in the kitchen, clearing up after the girls while having a good gossip.
When Carolyn picked up the kids from school this afternoon, she had to quickly get them home, get Marisa changed into her Cub uniform and then back into town so that they could take part in auditions for this years Pantomime, Aladdin.
The Busselton Repertory Club placed an advert in the local papers asking for people to turn up for auditions between 4pm and 9pm, thinking that there would be a mad rush of kids wanting parts Carolyn made sure that they were early, only to be told to leave their names so that they may be contacted later. It would appear that they were only auditioning adults tonight, it’s a shame they forgot to mention it in their ad.
It is only Marisa that wants to be on stage, the boys both want to work to work behind the scenes which sounds like a recipe for disaster, fortunately they don’t appear to have any vacancies backstage. It sounds like it is quite a big show and would be hard work for Marisa if she does get a part, two nights a week rehearsing and then two weeks of performances.
We are assuming that Elena, our member of staff who’s in France at the moment has put her name down and will get a part in it somewhere, apparently she’s been in six Pantomimes in Busselton already and is quite well known in the group.


Anonymous said...

thats a bit harsh about jade...harsh but probly true. fair call. xfliss

Ganeida said...

Uh~huh. Been there, still doing that & if the bug's bitten Marisa you'll be doing this for a loooong time yet. Still, Rep, should be a complete hoot from beginning to end. Enjoy.