Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lashings of Lemonade

Wednesday 3rd September 2008
Carolyn spent the morning looking for Jam Jars because one of our customers has given us an extremely large amount of Lemons, she is eventually going to make Lemon Butter, Lemon Marmalade and Lashings of Lemonade. Carolyn is not really looking forward to doing it and is already not happy, she has cut most of them up ready to start cooking and her hands are hurting. These Lemons are the biggest we have ever seen, some of them weigh just under a Kilo which is a lot of Lemon.
It was a good afternoon really, first we got an email from the Managers of the shopping centre letting us know that the plans for the new Take Away counter have been approved and we can start work immediately. Secondly, one of the equipment suppliers that we have been dealing with but had decided not to use, rang Ian to ask about how our plans for the refit were going. When Ian told him that we had decided to go with another company because of price and availability, he said that he would match what the other firm were offering and where we were going to get an ex demo ice cream machine, he would supply us with a brand new one with higher output.
This has worked quite well because not only will we be getting the machine that we would have preferred in the first place, but we will also be getting Free Stock to start us off and discounted prices on future stock purchases, where the other company purely supplied the machine without any extras.
It’s still going to cost a fortune, just less of one.
We got a phone call from one of the staff this evening, it was Simone, we probably haven’t mentioned her before, she is a friend of Elena who worked for us and is currently in France. Simone went for a walk on the beach after work this afternoon and while she was walking over a load of seaweed, we get big mounds of it on the beaches over here, she fell through a pile and landed on a rock which ripped two of her toenails off. She had been to the hospital and they wrapped her up and told her to take a couple of days off, Ian gets a bit squeamish about things like that and as she was telling him how it happened, it’s very hard to sound sympathetic when you are about to throw up, but Ian did mean what he said when he said get well soon while trying to get her off the phone.


Ganeida said...

Yep, we do lemon butter. One of the lemons was nearly as big as Liddy's head. There's a pic somewhere on my blog.

Elena said...

shhhhhhhhugar!! please give symphathy to simone for me!! the poor girl