Thursday, September 4, 2008

Slushy Dog Whip

Tuesday 2nd September 2008
We went to see the Sign Maker today so that we can start branding up the Café and Take Away, we still can’t think of a suitable name for the Take away area so if anyone out there can think of anything suitable and family friendly, please send us a comment asap as we are running out of time.
We are going to be selling, Donuts, Hot Dogs, Slush, Soft Serve Ice Cream and Thick Shakes, the best Ian has come up with so far is Slushy Dog Whip which could possibly be misinterpreted, so if you have a better idea please let us know.
Anyway, the sign man arranged to come to the Café late morning to take photos so that he could do up the artwork, we should know by the end of the week what he has come up with.
Lavazza, our coffee supplier eventually got round to sending us the reward cards that we ordered from them four months ago, the problem this time seems to be that the office that deals with these things is on the East Coast and the staff hadn’t realised that the West Coast had been colonised yet.
We started using the cards this afternoon after Carolyn eventually managed to find a hole Punch that wasn’t round, in the end she had to buy the one that the store owner was using as the only other option would have been to wait for a new one to be delivered and the cards would have probably Bio Degraded before it arrived.
The Café is getting busier again, last month was quiet so we did start to wonder if we had done something wrong by decorating the place, but it looks like it might just have been the end of winter blues, it used to happen in the UK just before spring every year. Now that spring is officially here, hopefully we can work on building trade again ready for a good summer.
This evening Ian got his new toy, a Petrol Lawnmower, working, the only problem was that by the time he got all the blades lined up and put Oil and Petrol in it was dark. This was not going to deter him though and after starting it up he walked out onto the lawn with it, he was quickly reminded that he had never bothered to rake the all the loose bits of bark off the lawn after our winter wood deliveries when the blades started clanking against bits of wood, he is going to try again another day.
Carolyn went to the School P&C Meeting this evening, we don’t know if we have already told you, we used to think P&C stood for Parents and Carers, well it doesn’t, it stands for Parents and Citizens, you learn something new everyday.
Anyway, Carolyn felt that the atmosphere was a bit frosty to say the least when she arrived, she felt like they didn’t really want her to be there. The Principal has been told that our kids will be leaving the school soon and the reasons why, unfortunately the school is at risk of being downgraded if their numbers drop below a certain level and they are borderline at the moment. Perhaps the committee have got the hump because to lose our three would take them below that level, but at least she still goes to these meetings to try to help, the majority of the parents don’t go to them or seem to be bothered with playing a part in their kids education.

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Ganeida said...

Ah! P&C meetings. I believe some of them are great & raise squillions for their school ~ just I've never been to one of those, only the handful of die hards struggling to help keep their school afloat sort. Parent teacher meetings are much better now. I am *in conference* if the kids complain I'm talking to myself.