Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rocky Road

Thursday 4th September 2008
Ian rang our Handyman that is going to build the Take Away counter for us first thing this morning to let him know that we have got the go ahead for the new counter, he is reasonably confident that he will be able to finish the work by the time the School Holidays start.
Carolyn made a load of mash before coming into work at the Café, then when we got busy she went to school to help Kristians teacher do a cookery class. Today they made Rocky Road, a weird looking concoction made with Marshmallows, Peanuts (yep that’s right, over here you’re allowed to give children peanuts), Hard’ish Jellies and Chocolate, it looks dubious to say the least but the kids love it.
With that many E numbers they must have been bouncing off the walls all afternoon, you’ll probably find that the teacher had booked the afternoon off.
Carolyn came back to the Café afterwards, just in time to miss the rush and was duly sent out to find some Muffin cases. We use the Muffin Cases to put our Carrot Cake in, they present better and sell like hot cakes, which of course they’re not, if they were the icing would melt.
Rodelle made up a big tub of Carrot Cake mix and then proceeded to cook it in Cup Cake Cases instead of Muffin Cases so were therefore too small to sell, fortunately she hadn’t used all the mix when we noticed and we managed to get 12 normal size ones out of the batch.
The Coffee loyalty cards seem to be going down well with the customers, apparently one of the previous owners many years ago did it but none of the more recent ones have and it appears that loyalty cards are almost a must have nowadays, so let’s hope it works.
The new Account Manager from National Foods paid Ian a visit this afternoon, he was not over polite, but agreed to place milk orders on the condition that they put together a failsafe system whereby if they haven’t got an order for us, they deliver an agreed amount anyway. Ian also told them that they had lost half of our trade because of their cock ups, and that we were now going to get our Flavoured Milk and Juices from someone else.


Glowstars said...

You sold out and went back to NF? Surely the local supermarket would be a mroe reliable bet?

The HoJo's said...

More reliable, probably, more expensive, definately, chance to make someone grovel, NONE!
We have sent half their business to another supplier so it really will just be milk, they've lost the extras like juices and iced coffees, so a compromise rather than sell out we think.

Ganeida said...

Peanuts aren't allowed on this side of the continent for the allergy reasons but Rocky Road is definitely yum!