Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fisher and Paykel

Thursday 18th September 2008
Carolyn got a call from school today asking her to be a Parent helper taking Kristians class round the Butter Factory Museum, apparently they did have someone lined up to do it but got let down at the last minute. Needless to say Carolyn went on the trip and enjoyed it although she did come back with a headache, she gets to see them all again tomorrow in their cookery class, lucky her.
The man from Camtec, the people who are supposed to repair our freezer came out today, the parts he brought with him are not the parts he needed so it is still not repaired.
The problem is the door sits about half an inch above the body of the freezer, now we have bought the fridge that makes this a matching pair and the door on the fridge sits flush with the body of the fridge.
This is a Fisher & Paykel Freezer and the guy from Camtec is once again telling us that Fisher & Paykel have yet to manage to fit a freezer door flush to the body of one of their freezers, Ian thinks he’s talking cobblers.
Apparently the story coming back from Camtec and Fisher & Paykel is that the company have never managed to make a freezer door fit flush and because most people keep their freezers in a larder or cupboard and don’t have to look at them. They have never felt the need to repair this fault because nobody looks at them and suggest that we build a cupboard round it, then it will be OK.
What planet are these people on, if there is anyone out there who knows someone in power at Fisher & Paykel, could you please get them to contact us and let us know where we can get a reliable handyman to come and build us a cupboard.
Fisher & Paykel could use it as a sales gimmick, Free Cupboard with every Freezer, although if you want a Fridge to match you’ll have to pay for your own Cupboard for that.
Ian is starting to lose his rag with this lot and is on the verge of a rant, as it’s nearly bedtime and he hasn’t actually managed to talk to anyone at Fisher & Paykel it’s probably not a good idea but you can be sure he’ll keep you informed.

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