Thursday, September 18, 2008


Wednesday 17th September 2008
The winter has returned, not as cold but just as fierce, with thunder and lightning in the middle of the night. The wind was whistling round the house last night and the rain was torrential, it continued to be windy and rainy all day.
Jades dad rang the CafĂ© this morning to tell Ian that Jade wouldn’t be in to work today, he said that she has got the same thing that he had last week but he doesn’t know what it is. Now some people might think that this blows the up the duff theory out of the water, but Ian being Ian and not the sort of person to let a bit of honest reporting get in the way of a good rumour, is sticking to his original theory and is now trying to find somebody who knows Jades dad, to find out if he is putting on a bit of weight.
Marisa and Fraser went on a school trip to the Butter Factory Museum today, they watched someone shear a sheep and Marisa spun some wool. They did the Dairy bit, spinning Churns and making Butter and saw lace being made. Marisa managed to bring home a rather large handful of wool that she had collected on the way round, it is now sitting in her room waiting for some sort of infestation to start taking place, then she’ll let us throw it out.

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