Monday, September 22, 2008

Carolyn is not 40

Friday 19th September 2008
It is Carolyns birthday and Ian is dead meat if he puts her age in this blog, all he is allowed to say is that Carolyns uncle Pete sent her an email saying that she was forty and she was not best pleased. Saying that, if she was forty she probably wouldn’t have been best pleased that he mentioned it either, you’re on a loser whatever you do Pete but better luck in two years time.
Carolyn has now got a personalised number plate or will have when they come through and she is positively over the moon with it, Private Plates are a lot cheaper over here than they are the UK, the one she has got would have cost over £2000 in the UK ($5000) and we are definitely not vain enough to spend that sort of money, we don’t even spend that much on our cars. No doubt Carolyn will soon be loading a photo of it onto the blog for you all to see.
This evening the kids went to Freaky Friday at the swimming pool while we went for a Pizza at the Vasse Bar, when we were last there they were selling a lot of Take Away Pizzas, which bearing in mind we have a couple of big Pizza Chains selling Cheap (and nasty) Pizza in town suggested that they must be pretty good. They were very tasty and a good size, neither of us managed to finish them so we took the leftovers home for the kids, we’re all heart. Now you can understand why our kids love us.
After the Pizza we walked down to the Gelato shop and indulged in a Gelato, it’s the first Ian has had in about six weeks because they have been on holiday.
When we picked up the kids from Freaky Friday, Marisa had won a bar of Chocolate and can of Lift, Fraser had forgot to take his shorts and had nothing dry to change in to, and Kristian had the hump because Marisa won a prize this week, Fraser won a prize last week and in the two weeks he had been going he hadn’t won anything, life is so hard when you’re young.

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Ganeida said...

Heheee. Sooo glad we are almost over the 'His is bigger (better, faster, yummier) than mine' thing though my mother tells me one of her brothers counted the peas on the plates. ?!!!! I can't imagine.