Monday, September 22, 2008

The Final Countdown

Saturday 20th September 2008
The Café was fairly busy today, but then it was bound to be really because we were short staffed. We do have three Saturday girls but they still lack experience, Simone had booked the day off and Michelle had been offered a place in a Ladies Netball Final at late notice, she does enjoy her Netball and it would be good experience for her so we had to let her have the day off as well.
While we were working the kids took themselves to the beach to play and when it got a bit cold went to the Library. Carolyn came in for the day and between us and Fliss we managed to keep the Saturday Girls in line, and keep the customers happy.
The Netball Team that Michelle normally plays for managed to win their last League game of the season (their only win of the season), and in doing so managed to get into the Final.
When they turned up for the Final, the opposition didn’t turn up, that meant that Michelle's team had qualified for the Final the following week.
The following week Michelles team turned up for the Final and lost, the team that beat them went on to the Grand Final.
Michelle obviously made her mark on the game because afterwards she was asked if she would turn out for a Ladies team in the Grand Final the following week as they were a player short, with her help the Ladies won the Grand Final but Michelle doesn’t get a medal because she isn’t registered for that team.
It seems weird that you can help a team win a trophy but not get rewarded for it, specially when you know that they must have enough Medals for a full team, presumably they give the other medal to the person that couldn’t be there.
After work we went home and grabbed an hours kip before going to Stilts for Carolyns birthday meal, Stilts was busy with a Function for a Youth Group and also the Final of the AFL which was won by Mt Hawthorn. Mt Hawthorn now play Geelong who won the other Final in the Grand Final, to get this far both teams had to play a Final before the last Final and to get into that Final they had to play in a League format against other teams. To get in to the first Final they had to finish in the top eight in the League, we haven’t worked out yet what happens to the teams that didn’t finish in the top eight but we think that by not qualifying for the Finals they qualify for the Finals of the not in the top eight part of the League. Presumably they all play in the Finals until they decide who play in the Grand Losers Final or something. When we have worked it out we will try to explain it.
It would appear that they have far too many Finals in this country, we will have to go out and buy an Australian Dictionary to find out what Final means.
The meal at Stilts wasn’t bad, Carolyn enjoyed the Cocktails whilst the rest of us enjoyed our food. We were going to have Dessert but after waiting for about ten minutes for one of the waiting staff to notice that we were trying to get their attention, we gave up and went home.

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