Monday, March 17, 2008

What do you mean Busselton is full?

Friday 22nd February 2008
Ian went on line this morning determined to find something for this weekend and found a 2 Bedroom Chalet on a Holiday Park in Margaret River, we left this morning and don’t go back till Tuesday.
While we were driving down Carolyn rang the agent from Bunbury who couldn’t tell us about a business to see if he could now tell us anything about it and he couldn’t.
She then rang Kevin the agent dealing with the Olde Chapel Café and arranged to meet him when we got to Busselton to look at a Lunch bar and a Juice Bar both of which were not right for us and we explained to him what we were looking for and the only thing he had on his books at the moment that fitted the bill was The Olde Chapel Café but he said that as far as he could see the sale was going to go through. We parted company and he drove off while we had a walk round the town.
It was lunchtime and the kids were hungry for a change so we decided to go to the Olde Chapel for a bite to eat, however as we were about to walk in we saw Kevin the agent chatting to the Owner so we thought better of it and went elsewhere.
After lunch we drove to the Holiday Park in Margaret River it is about ½ hour further south of Busselton and we are beginning to wonder when we are going to run out of land, Perth is supposed to be South West and only ½ an inch away from the South Coast, we have been driving South for over 4 hours and we still haven’t reached the Southern Ocean, the size of this place is going to take some getting used to.
On the way to Margaret River Ian remembered seeing a Cafe on the Internet, it was originally on about the same time as the Olde Chapel, looked like a good bet, a bit expensive but good returns and it had gone under offer at about the same time as the Olde Chapel, a couple of weeks before we came out here but it had just come back on the market again because the sale had fallen through.
The Café is called Sails, is right in the centre of Margaret River and as we drove past it on the way to the Holiday Park we see it looks quite presentable, so we have decided to go there for Breakfast tomorrow Morning to check it out.
We booked into our accommodation early evening and got unpacked before going out to do a bit of shopping, we didn’t need much, just Milk, Tea, Cereals etc. When we got back we got a call from Kevin the agent who said that as we are not normally in the area what he can do is take an Offer for the Purchase of The Olde Chapel Café from us subject to the existing sale failing to go through, which we think is a bit funny but if it gives us first dibs we will do it and have arranged to meet him in his office in Cowaramup just outside Margaret River at 9.30am tomorrow.
Carolyn has started to panic because while she has done some research into the Schools in Busselton she has only had a quick look at them to see if there is something obviously wrong with them she has not done the thorough research that she would normally do and we could quite possibly be committing ourselves to a future in Busselton tomorrow. On the Holiday Park there are no wireless connections for computers so we had to go and find an Internet Café in town where Carolyn had just finished checking out one school when the system crashed and she could not get into the other schools sites so it looks like an early start tomorrow to try and get through again.
We went out for a Chinese meal tonight, it looked like quite a nice place and it was busy but we should have realised it was not going to be a great experience when we saw a white waitress, nothing personal, but you should have a Chinese waitress in a Chinese restaurant. There was however a glimmer of hope, we had got a glimpse into the Kitchen and as well as being clean there were 3 Chinese looking people in there.
We were shown to a table by the waitress but not offered a drink or anything because she was too busy dealing with other customers and she was the only one Meeting, Greeting, Taking Orders and Serving. The people on the table next to us got up to pay after we had been sitting for about 10 minutes without so much as a glass of water and when she had finished taking their money she came over and said “if you can just hold on a couple of minutes I will lay up that table for you because can get more people on this table”, she couldn’t cope with the number of people she had so I can’t imagine why she would want more.
Anyway, table cleaned we sat at it and she brought us over a couple of bottles of water and disappeared again, as we were looking round the restaurant it was like watching a sketch from Farty Towels. The table of 4 behind us were receiving their meals one at a time instead of all together, obviously the chef couldn’t cook more than one meal at a time and the other 2 Chinese people in the kitchen must have been there for moral support, as the meals were getting to the table the 4 of them were sharing the one meal before waiting for the next one to come out. We waited over an hour for our food and while we were waiting we must have seen about 20 people get fed up with waiting and walk away.
Unfortunately for Ian his meal came out first and turned out to be by far the best but the kids ate most of it while they were waiting for their food to come out.
Meal finished it’s off to bed for an early night because we’ve got to get up early in the morning.

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