Monday, March 17, 2008

From Perth to Mandurah, or not

Thursday 21st February 2008
Had a meeting this morning in East Perth with another Business Agent who not only would not let you have any details on a business until you had signed a Confidentiality Disclosure Document but would not let you have the details until you had signed it in front of him. The business in question was a Café in Mandurah, we had walked past this Café before when we went to Mandurah so we knew where it was.
After the meeting Ian started driving towards it while Carolyn was reading the details, it turns out that the Café is open 7 days a week and long hours, we were tired and thought that if we went down there today we would not see it in its best light so decided to go home, chill out and maybe look at it another day.
Ian spent the afternoon on line trying to find some holiday accommodation in Busselton for the weekend so that we can have a break but also have a better look at the town but everywhere is booked up, apparently it is boat race week. We would also like to give Sharon and Malcolm a bit of breathing space, it can’t be easy having 5 people who you wouldn’t normally see more than once a year suddenly invade your space for so long, still hopefully we will get something sorted soon and one of Ian’s other sisters is coming over at Easter and there is 6 of them so we will have to be gone by then.

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