Monday, March 17, 2008

The dog did 3000km in 2 weeks, not bad

Wednesday 20th February 2008
Another quiet day today, we read and sent some E-mails before going to Whitfords Shopping Centre to do some shopping for kids clothes, had a bite to eat while we were there, the kids go for Subway every time.
In the afternoon we got a call from the car sales rep, Peter, he apologises for it taking so long to get the car ready but it will be with him at about 5pm if we want to pick it up and could we bring a cheque to pay for it.
We have done about 3,000 km in the 2 weeks that we have had the dog of a courtesy but that means it will be a bit longer before we have to service ours. At 5pm we get to the garage, the car is there and Peter the rep is distraught, the guys that had knocked out all the little dinks and touched up the paintwork had been right the way round the car making sure it was spotless except for the rear drivers side door which they have missed completely, Peter said that he will get it done within 2 weeks and while it is in we will be able to have the use of another courtesy car. We agreed to it and whilst it did a job, the dog of a car was nowhere near as nice to drive as the Zafira.

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