Monday, March 17, 2008

46% tax on your savings!!!

Tuesday 19th February 2008
We stayed at home all day today, Carolyn did some housework while Ian scoured the Internet all day looking for businesses with some potential for us to look at.
We contacted the Tax Office to let them know that they had got our residential status wrong and that we were actually living in the country which is why we needed a Tax File Number rather than paying 46% tax as a non resident. Perhaps they thought that we were trying to get preferential treatment with our visa by paying tax over here when we had never even set foot in the place.
Carolyn took the kids over the park for a while and later they went to the Library and in the evening Carolyn checked out the map of Busselton and rent prices etc before sending off a Confidentiality Disclosure Document for a Lunch bar that is on the market.

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