Monday, March 17, 2008

A long distance swim, a pizza and Arsenal FC

Saturday 23rd February 2008
The idea of going for breakfast at Sails Café has gone out of the window because Carolyn needs to go on line to check out the other schools in Busselton before we possibly commit to buying a business there, so while we are in the Internet Café the kids are playing in the park.
The Internet access held up this time and Carolyn was able to find out virtually everything we needed to know about the schools in town and there was only one that had any cause for concern and that was in an area where we wouldn’t be looking at living anyway, the rest were all pretty much of a muchness, all doing better than each other at different things.
We arrived at the Business agent’s office at 9.30am and he explained that under Australian law we could put in an offer on the business subject to the current offer failing to complete but that it would not have any influence on the deal in place at the moment. He said that as far as he was aware the deal was still going through but that if another deal was in place it would speed things up should it not complete.
We believed him, because Business Agents always get up early on a Saturday morning to help foreigners fill out offer forms that are not likely to be used, we are hoping the other deal is about to collapse.
We made our offer, added our conditions and signed in all the right places and he told us that he would pass it on and let us know if anything happened.
After the meeting we headed towards Busselton and stopped in Dunsborough on the way, Dunsborough is about 10 km outside Busselton and unlike Busselton has very Modern Town Centre, we went in search of another Café that was for sale but were not impressed with it so we had a wander round before having a very average lunch in one of the small Cafes in the Centre of Town. After lunch we had a look at the Beach in Dunsborough and took a little drive round to look at the area just in case we wanted to live there, but we don’t think we do. We then drove into Busselton and had a chat with a couple of Realty (estate) Agents who were very keen to show us around a few places but didn’t have a great deal of any interest really.
The kids have been very well behaved today so we went down to the Seafront as the weather started to cool down and went for a swim. Ian, Fraser and Marisa swam round a small jetty that probably goes out about a hundred yards or so, a distance that neither Fraser or Marisa had ever done before and while Fraser would not worry about the distance it brought a big smile to Marisa’s face and we think it has given her a confidence boost, like she needed one. Carolyn just sat on the sea wall reading a book.
We drove back to Margaret River and it was getting a bit late, close to 9pm, so we stopped for a couple of Pizza’s in town and took them back to the Chalet to eat and the kids went to bed while Carolyn demolished the best part of a bottle of sparkling Rose Wine before going to bed and Ian went to the pub to watch football.
Ian popped into the pub to check if the Birmingham v Arsenal was going to be shown and the barman said that it would as long as it finished by 11.45, which it should have done. Unfortunately Eduarda got a broken leg and the game was held up for 10 minutes, at 88 minutes and Arsenal looking comfortable winning 2 - 1 they turned the TV’s off, Ian was not happy but accepted it thinking that the 3 points were in the bag now and left it like that.

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