Monday, March 17, 2008

Visiting Fremantle

Saturday 9th February 2008
Malcolm works for the RAC over here so Ian goes with him to the Car Showroom to check over the Zafira and he is quite happy with it other than the Wheel Alignment needing adjustment and the Key Fob battery needing replacing.
10.30am meeting in the City with another Business Agent and this one has got quite a lot to show us, from Lunch bars to Kiosks in the Main Bus Terminus in Perth. So we have a good long chat with him while the kids trash the Reception area and then leave him to clear up.
At 1.30pm we have arranged to meet Kel the owner of The Carriage Café in Fremantle, we are running a little bit early so we have a very brief look at a couple of other Businesses on the way but are not impressed with them.
1.30pm and we meet Kel, what a lovely chap, gave us one of his Homemade Burgers each for lunch, gave the kids a lolly and told us all about the business, it did sound quite impressive but we have to take into account that it is in his interest to sell it.
He is so helpful; he has even offered to rent his second house to us while we look for somewhere to buy if we buy the business from him.
We like the look and feel of the Carriage and feel that we could do well there, but Kel is being a little bit too helpful and friendly and giving us doubts that may or may not be founded. We will have another look on another day.
We drove home from Fremantle, had a bite to eat and then went down to the beach for a nice relaxing evening swim. The water is so warm and the kids have a great time playing in the surf, we were there until about 9pm, it was great and we all felt better for it.

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