Monday, March 17, 2008

A trip out and a barbie

Friday 8th February 2008
Up early, kids ready, drive South to Mandurah a coastal town in what is a booming area, although Western Australia is growing so fast at the moment they seem to be using that phrase everywhere.
We have a meeting with a Business Agent in his Office over looking the beach so the kids can play safely while we chat. He showed us round a couple of businesses that did not fit our criteria, bought the kids an Ice Cream and said that he would be in touch if anything else came up.
We then went and had a look at another business that had been put to us buy the Agent paying big rent for his office in the city but that did not fit the bill either so we drove back towards home, stopping in Fremantle on the way back to look at a Café that was once a Train Carriage in the middle of a Public Park. The Carriage was closed but we got a feel for it and decided to have another look tomorrow, Ian had seen the Carriage Café advertised on the Internet before we came over and had already spoken to the owner on-line so we had already received a fair bit of information about it.
Back home and Malcolm is cooking on the Barbie again, Homemade Burgers, Salad with a few Tinnies to wash it down.

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