Monday, March 17, 2008

A dog and a birthday, but not the dogs you understand?

Thursday 7th February 2008
Got up early and after breakfast we went up to the Car Showroom to test drive the Zafira that we saw yesterday. It runs like a dream, low mileage, full service history and apart from a couple of minor scrapes on the rear bumper is generally in good condition. We have a bit of a barter, agree a price and they agree to respray the bumper and tidy up a couple of scratches, and to top it all we get them to give us a courtesy car while we are waiting for ours to be prepared and made ready for collection.
The courtesy car is a bit of a dog to drive, a Nissan Pulsar which has obviously been massively abused by its previous owner, but it means we have a bit of independence and do not have to try and fit everything in around Sharon’s lifts to and from work.
12 noon and we have a meeting with a dodgy Irish Business Agent that has been advertising in the papers for the last couple of weeks that he has got an abundance of Café style businesses that will make their new owners very rich people. He spent just over an hour telling us to avoid dodgy Business Agents and when he could see that we weren’t impressed with his well rehearsed patter he said that he would get back to us when he had found something that suited us, obviously he felt that we did not want to be very rich people.
3pm and another meeting with a business agent, now this guy obviously specialises in the most Expensive Cheap Businesses in Perth, but then his office is in the City Centre so the rents must be high therefore he would need the extra commission to pay for it. He showed us 4 Businesses that he had on his books and we took the details away with us to peruse at leisure.
If you want details on a business over here you are expected to sign a confidentiality document before you receive any information whatsoever, half the time you sign one of these documents and then find out that what you thought was a Café Called the Lunchbox is actually a Wholesaler selling Male Underpants, it’s infuriating but that’s the way they do it.
It’s Sharon’s Birthday today so we took her and Malcolm up to the Local Pub for a Meal and a Drink the food was very good and plenty of it but we were kicked out of the dining area when they stopped serving at 9pm and they said that Children aren’t allowed in the Bar area so that brought the Family gathering to an abrupt end. Carolyn, Sharon and the kids went home while Ian and Malcolm had a couple more pints in the bar until Carolyn came back to pick us up later. There was a band playing in the bar and they were not very good to say the least, they were obviously not very popular as including Ian and Malcolm there were only 6 people in the bar and 2 of those were so drunk they probably didn’t know they were there, but they were very loud, we think they were practicing for a Gig at Wembley Stadium just in case they ever got one.

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