Monday, March 17, 2008

House Hunting and the Ocean

Wednesday 6th February 2008
9.30 am had our first house viewing close to where Sharon lives, we had only booked it to see what you could get for your money and I think it was a bad example to start off with, it was a pit and when the Rep realised that we weren’t totally impressed she offered to show us another only a little bit more expensive, another pit, they must think we have just fallen out of the trees or something, cut the price in half and stick the house in a nice area and they might have a chance of getting rid of it.
11.30am and it’s time to meet the Banks Home Loan Specialist, this was great, sat there chatting about how much money we could borrow and what little documentation we would need and we didn’t have to have an income to pay it back. We worked out that we could buy a House on the Seafront in Millionaires Row and get away with living in it for about a month after we couldn’t afford to pay the first repayment. It was interesting but it would be too easy to take the full amount and suffer later and the nice lady was going to arrange an appointment for us to see the Business Loan Specialist because although we would be looking at taking out a combined loan the different bank departments are not allowed to work together.
Came out of the Bank and straight in front of us was a big sign informing all that cared to look that the Chef in this establishment had just won the best Pie and Pastry competition, I think the competition must have been held in his CafĂ© and between him and the Cleaner because it was awful. We aren’t having much luck with this Australian Fayre at the moment but give it time I’m sure it will come good.
Looked at a few cars this afternoon but didn’t see much that we liked, all at such ridiculous prices although we did see one that we thought might do, a 2004 Holden (Vauxhall) Zafira but again very expensive, may go for a test drive tomorrow.
It’s been a hot day so Sharon, Carolyn and the kids go down to the beach for a swim in the evening, they stayed down there until about 8.30pm while Ian and Malcolm sat at home chatting and downing a few tinnies.

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