Monday, March 17, 2008

Dodgy Dominoes

Sunday 10th February 2008
Went down to Fremantle again this morning, wanted to have another look at the Carriage, still like the look of it but Kel is still being over helpful and putting us on edge, we will have to keep looking until we find out what is wrong with it or are confident that it is right for us.
After lunch we drove north up the coast road towards Sharon’s house and stopped at a few Open House viewings along the way. We saw some lovely houses, some with Swimming Pools and some of them were even within our price bracket, it’s a shame we don’t know where we are going to work yet otherwise some of these might have suited us down to the ground.
It’s another hot day so we go to the beach for a swim at 6pm and stayed there until about 8.30 when we went home and ate what was probably the worst Dominos Pizza on the planet, we won’t be trying them again.

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Little Nut Tree said...

so far - the one thing that strikes me is that nothing is as good as you hope it would be... the bank account, the food, the price of alcohol.... I am reading like an addict hoping it gets better for you!!