Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pretty Good Friday

Friday 21st March 2008
We had a lazy day today, we all got up late, Carolyn did the washing, the boys played or read books and Marisa made lunch and the evening meal supervised by Ian.
Marisa made rolls for everyone for lunch and cooked up some vegetables to make a Russian salad. She also prepared the rest of the salad for the evening meal and made a massive trifle so that it would be ready for us to eat when we came home in the evening.
In the afternoon we went for a walk round town to see what if anything was going on and to see how much the influx of tourists would affect this quite little town. Answer, it didn’t affect it much at all really; the majority of shops were closed and nobody was going out of their way to grab the tourist dollar, the couple of Cafes on the front were doing well as the beach was a lot busier than normal (bloody tourists). Other than making your own entertainment there was not a lot going on really.
We decided to head out of town this afternoon and headed for the beach at Yallingup, it is supposed to be one of the best surf beaches in Australia but unfortunately we have picked a bad day to witness this because the weather is so good the water is like a mill pond.
There appear to be 2 sections to this beach; there is a small almost enclosed stretch of calm water almost like a lagoon which is surrounded by a reef the other side of which is where the surfers sit for hours waiting for that elusive wave; the other section is a sweeping sandy bay that drops very sharply into the water where the waves rise up very sharply only a couple of yards from the waters edge and then come crashing down, we started off here, it was good fun for an adult but not so good for the kids. We did try swimming out past the waves but the undercurrent made it very difficult to swim back in so we moved to the calmer area so that it was safer for the kids to play.
As the sun started to go down we left the beach, went home and enjoyed the evening meal that Marisa had prepared for us and after eating too much trifle we put the kids to bed before relaxing with a couple of tinnies in front of the advert ridden telly watching Legally Blond 2, it was rubbish.

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