Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Young Romance and Jellyfish

Saturday 22nd March 2008
We had a lazy start today, just dossing around doing very little until lunchtime when after a light lunch we went to the Café to check our emails. In the Shopping Centre they had an Easter Fox wandering round giving out chocolate eggs to any poor unsuspecting children that may be walking past, well it didn’t take long for the kids to notice him and before long he had been mugged and the kids were sitting in the Café with a big pile of chocolate eggs in front of them.
While we were in the Café the owner came over to us with a piece of paper in her hand and said “I think this might be for you”, it was a message from our new bank, not top secret or anything like that but nevertheless a message for us from the bank. It would appear that it had been sent from one bank department to the local branch in Busselton for the attention of us, however the Wally who received the fax at the bank seeing that it was with reference to the Olde Chapel Café decided to fax it to the Café. So much for security when it comes to bank accounts, we will be having words on Tuesday.
After that we went to some of the bedding and furniture stores in town, we found a couple of bits that we may go back and look at but the choice is not great although the price of real wood furniture is so much cheaper than back in the UK.
Late afternoon we went to the beach in Busselton, it was not as busy as the day before and after a short while in the water we think we found out why when we were surrounded by baby Jellyfish which obviously didn’t like being disturbed. Ian was out of the water like a shot with stings on his arms and Fraser had managed to get some on his back, the netted area that was originally put up to keep sharks out appears to be keeping the Jellyfish in. After a while Fraser decided that he wanted to swim out to a diving platform situated between the netted area and the Jetty so Ian decided to go with him as the platform is about a 100 yards out but by the time they got much above waist depth they were surrounded again by Jellyfish that were stinging their legs so they came back in. Ian proceeded to cover himself with stingose soothing lotion while Fraser went off to play at the waters edge, after a while he went onto the small wooden jetty and started looking at the jellyfish soon he was joined by a young girl about his age or maybe a year older called Katrina. Within minutes she was flirting and posing in front of him and he was hooked, the pair of them were jumping off the jetty and swimming with Jellyfish (how romantic) and Fraser was a happy young lad.
When it was time to go we had a little chat with Katrina’s mum and it turns out that she used to live in Busselton but had moved to Perth and was down here seeing her mother, when we asked about the Jellyfish situation she informed us that they had always been around Busselton and when we asked for how long she said they are here pretty much all year round. It looks like we could be investing in a swimming pool when we buy the house, although we haven’t checked out the beach near the house for swimming yet so we may be lucky. As we parted company Fraser and Katrina were waving frantically to each other until they were out of sight and you never know they might meet again because they know the Café and have said they will come in and see us next time they are in Busselton.
In the evening after tea we had a family night in front of the box watching Ice Age and it was great fun, it’s a long time since we have been able to sit down as a family in our own house so to speak and enjoy a good wholesome family night in, whilst it was great at Carolyn’s mum and dads and at Sharon’s and we were left pretty much to do our own thing it was still somebody else’s house and you are always aware of it.

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