Saturday, March 22, 2008

School, shopping, swimming, this is tough

Thursday 20th March 2008
This is probably our first day back in the real world (almost), we were up early to get the kids ready for school before driving them in and after that we headed to the Café to catch up on our emails before doing the weeks shopping early to avoid all the tourists.
After taking the shopping home we went out doing bits and pieces for the business, dropping off forms etc, we contacted the Gas, Electrical and Water people to make sure we know what we have to do to set up our accounts before we moving in.
We then went to see a carpet dealer to try and arrange for carpets to be fitted before our possessions arrive on 9th April. We are meeting the carpet man on Tuesday morning which will be nice for the kids because for some reason they have got the day off and they want another chance to explore the house and fight over who gets which bedroom. Back in the UK if the kids had an extra day off either side of a school break the school used to tell us it was for staff training, over here none of the teachers have a clue why they have got the extra day but the forecast is good so they’re not going to knock it.
We then went to check out some White goods just to get an idea of sizes and prices. We went to one of the biggest chains of Furniture and Electrical goods suppliers in WA, every time we went from one department to another we were pounced on by a salesman who would ask us if we needed any help and when we said no, would say “if you see anything you like don’t take any notice of the price tag because we can sort out a better price on that” so after walking around for about an hour we haven’t got a clue how much anything costs although Ian did find a BBQ that he liked, it is actually more like an outdoor kitchen than a BBQ really, fitted with a sink and fridge as well as all the cooking bits which may or may not cost around $1995.
We picked up the kids from school at 3.05pm and they were as happy today as they were yesterday and after dropping all their school stuff off at home we went for a swim down at the seafront for a couple of hours before picking up a couple of pizzas for our evening meal.

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